New qb beta available: v0.3.0b2

Some minutes ago, I've tagged the current state of the qb Git repository as version 0.3.0 Beta 2. qb users are strongly encouraged to have a look at it and report possible bugs and other strange things. I'm planning to publish a 0.3.0 release candidate early next week.

Changes since 0.3.0b1:

  • Documentation in README.html improved quite a lot.
  • Contrib script to import Wordpress data.
  • .htaccess is now redirecting to qb.php instead of qb.php?$1
  • Author and blog name are now configurable without modifying templates.
  • QB_NODOTS has been removed, we should be safe from AFI/XSS nevertheless.
  • Small tidying.

Testers are encouraged to check the following things:

  • Does URL rewriting still work for you, with and without trailing slashes?
  • Can you think of any security exploits now that QB_NODOTS is gone?
  • Do you understand the documentation? Is something unclear? Any suggestions?
Erstellt: 30. 3. 2008, 16:08:51 (CEST)
Tags: English qb meta blog PHP code Git beta tag