My e-mail address is:

This address will expire in one week, starting from now, to protect me from spam. If you write to me, I will reply from my real address which does not expire. Alternatively, simply remove the “-e160219” part.

If you want to contact me via e-mail, please use a meaningful subject line, else your message might be deleted when I manually sort out the spam that got through my filter. Sending me anonymous e-mail is fine if you've got a reason for it, but please use an e-mail address that accepts replies, even if I need not reply: The sender address of incoming mail is automatically checked for existence, and if it doesn't accept replies, the mail is automatically discarded in order to stop spam from spoofed sender addresses.

My Jabber/XMPP address (also usable with Google Talk) is I only authorize people I’m actually interested in talking to. Don’t argue. If you are not 100% sure that I will know from your Jabber ID or nickname (and I might only be seeing one of them) who you are, please announce your intention to add me in advance via some other communication channel.

You can leave me a telephonic voice message by calling +49 621 54 55 56 02. I'll receive this message instantly via e-mail and get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please understand that, because of possible abuse, I can only publish a voice mail number here. I reserve the right to publish abusive calls.

I receive "normal" mail at the following address:

Tim Weber
U 5, 4
68161 Mannheim

I can currently not be found in several IRC networks: I am Scytale on Freenode, OFTC and Hackint, but Scyta1e (with the number "one" instead of an "L") on IRCNet.

Additionally, I am Scytale on Twitter, Scy83 on and on Facebook.


This private, non-commercial web site is being run by Tim Weber (address and phone number see above).

Disclaimer: Even though I carefully check the contents of external web sites at the moment I create a link to them, I cannot be liable for their content. Only the operator of the other web site is responsible for its content.

It is not my intention to violate other people's rights or break the law. If you think I have done this somewhere, please contact me via any of the methods listed above and we will find a fast, simple and uncomplicated solution. There is no need for lawyer bills of several hundred Euros.