qb version 0.3 approaching

Those of you who monitor qb's Git repository may have noticed that there's quite a lot going on. The reason is that psychon approached me about running qb on lighttpd. Well, we managed to make it run, and while we were at it, included parts of the 0.5 code into the current 0.2 codebase that allows qb to auto-detect where it's installed. Also, new template tags were introduced and all kinds of other things fixed.

Therefore, and because lots have changed since the last official release 0.2.2, I've decided to do an interim 0.3 release before focusing on 0.5. That way people who don't want to work with the Git version can be quite up-to-date, too. There will be a 0.3 beta 2 in the next few days (beta 1 was Git-only), followed by a release candidate and finally the 0.3 version. Stay tuned.

By the way, I've created a sub-blog for qb news, so if you're not interested in the other parts of my life you can skip those now.

Erstellt: 3. 2. 2008, 23:45:14 (CET)
Tags: English qb meta blog PHP code Git beta