Dropping qb maintainership — for real now

It is over half a year ago that I decided to stop developing my so far most successful open source project qb. I promised to publish the logo contest submissions and I still had to update the documentation to reflect the change in maintainership.

Two days ago an e-mail arrived, asking for qb installation support. This motivated me to finally tidy up the documentation, license and all that other stuff. Therefore I’m now announcing:

The latest qb version is Git commit 5a6d1c9570997191a53a15fcc754d503365cdbb3, the tag “unmaintained09” pointing to it is signed by my PGP key. The docs have been updated, the GitHub repository now contains all the tags. Additionally, the WTFPL license text has been added.

Farewell, qb, it was fun. Thanks to all the contributors. Oh, and a more powerful blog/wiki/ticketing solution is already planned — and it will include a qb import. ;)

Erstellt: 25. 6. 2009, 13:22:37 (CEST)
Tags: English qb blog open source free software FLOSS maintainership WTFPL