Embedded qb

Those of you who are reading this blog only in a feed reader won't notice that its design has changed: The ugly qb default design has been replaced with an ugly scytale.name redesign that's still work in progress.

If you think of doing this to your own qb-powered blog as well, the necessary code changes are available in the latest Git commit. The new design requires a small PHP library to be called, as well as functions hdr($title) and ftr() before and after the main content. My main goal when implementing that change was to keep things from breaking for users of qb's cutting-edge Git version.

Most of the embedding magic is done via PHP's output buffers: Send the real header, start output buffering, run qb, remove all HTML headers and other stuff that's being taken care of by the central library, send that out, add a footer and be done. Just use this code as your qb-0.2.conf.php.

Speaking of qb: After coding around on the 0.3 version, I think all the new code goes in a wrong, bloaty direction, and I've decided not to go in that direction any further. Stay tuned for a blog post tommorrow that will reveal what I've got in mind for the next version.

Erstellt: 24. 10. 2007, 15:29:01 (CEST)
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