I helped you out with some computer related problem? You like the software, talks or other things I published and want to give something back? I was exceptionally good in bed last night? Or it's simply my birthday again and you don't know what to get for me? Rejoice, for you have found the way to my wishlist that tells you lots of ways for how to surprise me in a positive way. The items on this list are ordered by categories, not by price and neither by importance. Choose whatever you like, I'll be happy about everything.

To send a present to me, you'll most likely find having my address useful.

Diese Seite auf Deutsch. This page in German.


  • Mike Oldfield
    • Music of the Spheres
    • Ommadawn
    • and everything else except Tubular Bells 1/2/3/2003, Orchestral Tubular Bells, Five Miles Out, Amarok, Tr3s Lunas, The Millenium Bell
  • Ralley (these albums might be hard to get, but a great present, even used CDs)
    • Ralley


German versions, please, except if noted otherwise.

  • Uwe Schütte: Basisdiskothek Rock und Pop


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